Host a Virtual Hill Day

Unable to make it to AOTA Hill Day? Why not host a virtual Hill Day from your classroom?

Here are some simple steps into organizing a virtual hill day:

1.  Inform and Recruit: Introduce AOTA Hill Day and this advocacy resource to your peers.  It's important for them to know advocacy opportunities exist.

2. Gain support from your faculty or department: Share the purpose of the activity and motivate others to join.

3. Set a date and time: Consider hosting a virtual Hill Day on the same day as the live Hill Day! Or, consider a day and time where students or peers are available (e.g. between classes, off days, etc).

4. Contact your Legislators: Use the AOTA Legislative Action Center or other resources to write or call your legislators.  Strength in numbers makes a stronger voice!

5.  Share your experience: Tweet at @LEAPforOT about your experience.  Consider writing to OT Practice about your experience.

6. Make it a tradition! Make a game plan for next semester or next year.